Moving Along...just not fast enough

Well we got more painting done this weekend.

Living room is done except for the fireplace (that is going to be a tough one…very very rusty and dirty)

We also set up shop in there to prime and paint our cabinet doors and drawers.

Sunroom is about done and is really looking nice with paiand a new ceiling fan.

We plan on getting new flooring at the end of this week. Including, tiling the guest bathroom, done by a very talented uncle.

We plan on getting the kitchen painted and hopefully a few other things done inside this week. It will be a crazy week for us because we also plan on moving a little bit at a time from our apartment, 45 minutes away. We are going to have to stash in the two guest rooms until all the other floors are done. Should be interesting.

The husband worked a little bit outside this weekend too. He trimmed some bushes down and cut the grass. It is looking better already. The brick mason also had built us our steps and they look just like my rendering. Very excited to have steps….Oh the little things…



done! (though surronded by trash)

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