The hardwood floors are almost done! They are beautiful! We had to use a dark stain because of some water damage in high traffic areas (mostly in the dining room) but it is a beautiful color.

Our friend Chris (who has done an AMAZING job) sanding down the floors.


down the hallway...

In other news, we got clean and nifty new vinyl windows. They are double hung and have some nice features. I like them mostly because there is not a bug graveyard in each one….

hot summer night

We also have a brick mason out at the house at the moment. He is fixing some cracks in the bricks and also making us steps for under the sunroom.
See my rendering of what I want below (the vinyl siding has already been completed):

Sadly, the mason found an issue while correcting some bricks by the chimney…The studs, header, and base plate around the hearth are rotten because at one point we had a leak because of the settling issues (which we fixed). So since we don’t want to tear out a chunk of the outside of the house….the husband and his Dad will be tearing out that wall sometime this fall and fixing it from the inside. Can’t wait for that….


Ah well. We also started priming the kitchen and primed and started painting the living room! We went with a blue for the living room instead of the planned beige because I want a beige couch someday (we haev a burgundy one now) and we are getting beige carpet and I didn't want beige overload! I like the blue, I think. We only have like 2 weeks to go…time to get to work!

The pretty blue for the living room....still wet

Here is a little before and after (more in progress than after....)

dark and the floors are shiney....but the kitchen is having work done to it! Still debating whether we should paint the beam and glass cabinets...

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