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Me - 30 weeks preggo!

I am the writer and creator of this blog. I am originally from Texas and moved up to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia with a swim scholarship to Old Dominion University and to study graphic design. I graduated in 2009 and I married my wonderful husband and settled in Virginia. I started my real world experience as a graphic designer at Military Newspapers of Virginia (part of the bigger paper, The Virginian-Pilot). After I graduated, I also went back to school part-time to work towards getting my teaching license and after working as a designer for 2 years, I left my job and completed my last semester of school (student teaching). As of May 2012 I am officially licensed to teach K-12 art in Virginia and any other state that takes Virginia's license. I won't be teaching in the 2012-2013 school year though because Brandol and I are expecting our first baby at the end of August 2012!


Not too much to say about Brandol (he likes it that way). He grew up in rural Virginia and attended ODU for his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering Technology after first getting his Associates degree. He graduated in 2007 and has worked as a sales engineer for an HVAC contractor ever since. He is a mans-man for sure. He enjoys fishing and most outdoor activities. He can't seem to keep still for long. His one true love (other than Emily of course) is dirt bikes. He rides and races them regularly (though he is currently in a break after some knee surgery in April 2012).


How We Met

Brandol and I met on the night of New Years Eve 2005-2006. I had just gotten off a plane from Texas and was in Norfolk for less than a day before leaving for a swim team training trip in Florida. We both found ourselves celebrating at the same swim team party. As everyone gathered to watch the ball drop, I made it a point to stand next to Brandol at midnight. When everyone yelled 'Happy New Year!' and kissed someone, I turned to Brandol and said, "Happy New Year, guy I don't know" and shook his hand. We did end up kissing later that night.

The Proposal

Brandol and I got engaged on the night of New Years Eve 2008-2009. Brandol had just gotten off a plane from Norfolk and had been in Texas for only a few hours. We ate dinner and were walking by the decorated riverwalk and large fountain when Brandol asked whether the big Christmas tree by the water was fake or real. Behind the mini white fence around the tree, there was a wrapped present with a big red bow and the name 'Emily' on it. I was very surprised and took a picture of it thinking it was a prop. Brandol went and opened the gate to get the present and I yelled for him to "put it back! It's just a prop!" When Brandol finally convinced me that the gift was for me, I just smiled and said, "Aw...When did you do this?" I thought that it was just my Christmas gift. When he finally helped me open the box (at the same time we met 3 years earlier - midnight for the East coast) I found a dozen red roses and a note that read "I love you, will you marry me?" inside. I dropped the box as he dropped down to one knee and pulled a lit ring box out of his sock. After a few minutes of shock, I eventually said yes! My parents and sister, the ones who dropped off the present, later met us at home for champagne and cheers!

The Marriage

Brandol and I got married on the night of New Years Eve 2009-2010, after 4 years together. The wedding took place in Williamsburg, VA and was one heck of a party. We had a blast and felt so blessed to have so many family and friends spend the holiday evening with us (and some with us in spirit). We enjoyed bringing in the new year and our new life together on such a fabulous night.
We also love celebrating our anniversary every year on such a fun holiday (and always getting the next day off isn't bad either). We are looking forward to many new years more...

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