Moving on up

So we had a busy weekend.
We have to be out of our apartment this Wednesday (has it really been 2 months already?) so we started moving our junk this weekend. Since our floors are still in the works we moved most of it into the 2 bedrooms. So we have a LONG 4th of July weekend ahead of us of unpacking!

Our kitchen is starting to come together! Appliances are in a hooked up…looking lovely and stainless. We choose a neat subway stainless steel stick-on backsplash for over the range. We even got all the cabinet doors and drawers up and in….thought we still need to paint the inside and backs of them. The only things left keeping our kitchen in the ‘50’s is the lights (and the ceiling but that is another time…) and the lime green counter. Since we plan on gutting the kitchen a few years down the road we didn’t want to go overboard and spend a lot on a new counter, but we want it to look nice. We had a stroke of luck and found some great tiles for $.40 a piece at Lowes! A little magic from Uncle Dick and we will have a beautiful tile countertop right on top of our scary green one! Very excited!

Our bathrooms even got some loving this weekend. The guest bath got the vanity put in on top of the beautiful tile floor and the little bathroom got a paint job and just needs a new toilet seat!

Amazing what left over paint will do….

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