Let's See How Far We've Come

What we have done so far:

Fixed the settling & foundation issue on the side of the house with the chimney (chimney was falling because the foundation stopped just past halfway under it!)

Got a new roof!

Demoed the front covered car port or porch thing….it wasn’t to code and was infested with spiders….not too mention FUGLY

We took out the paneling from the Sunroom, Bedroom 2, Bedroom 3, and Bathroom 2 and also the drywall since it was paper meshed with old and tissue thin wall paper. We then got new drywall in all of those rooms.

We tore up the carpet in the dining room, living room, all bedrooms, and both bathrooms (yes, the bathrooms had lovely yellow carpet…yuck).

We have bought a new vanity and made a shower and shower shelf thing in the second bathroom.

We have painted all the bedrooms (and bought new trim for 2 of them), one bathroom, dining room, hallway and the sunroom…..so far…more painting to come.

Hubby and his Dad put up siding on the newly revealed sunroom exterior wall.

We had our A/C, electrical, plumbing, and etc checked out.

We bought new appliances! Fridge, dishwasher, over the range microwave, stove/oven, washer, and dryer. So excited! Stainless steel no less....not high end but nicer than the stuff at the apartment we live at now.

We have done other smaller things like some new lighting, raked leaves, trimmed a few wild crazy bushes, primed rooms, order flooring for rooms that are going to get it.

I am sure I missed something....

Where we are going (this week):

Our friend is coming in a sanding down and refinishing the hardwood floors.

We are picking out countertop and tile for the 2nd bathroom.

We are getting new windows this upcoming weekend.

Brick mason is coming out (hopefully) to make some steps by the sunroom and small deck …and fix some bricks too.

More painting….which I am so tired of doing already haha.

It is all coming together though...just slowly.

Our bedroom - the master

Guest bedroom - bedroom 2

Guest bedroom 3 - office

Dining room

Guest Bathroom aka #2

Bathroom 2 vanity

More pictures to come!

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