We're Back

We're Back!

So after a long hiatus I have decided to bring back the blog. While the blog started as a way to share our home renovations with family and friends, I have decided that with all the changes in our lives that the blog should expand to share all aspects of our lives. I will admit that I am not great at updating this thing, but I am going to give it another go. This way I might also be able to keep random ramblings to a minimum on Facebook. That being said, during the blog break we had a lot go on! So here is a quick update on a few things that got missed....

The house had some changes (here are some of our favorites):
  • new HVAC unit
  • Bran filled in the dam to help the pond slowly get back to a pond
  • we bought 2 awesome couches for a great deal AND my dream coffee table
  • we got new master and guest bedding
  • Bran built a desk
  • we tore down the chicken coop
  • had a stellar 2 car garage built
  • we repainted 2 bedrooms
We had some changes throughout our lives as well (in no particular order):
  • We sold my Jeep and got a Subaru Forester (love it)
  • My mom and dad came for a visit
  • Brandol got and sold a few dirt bikes...he now only has a KTM
  • We got another kitty named Lily
  • We got a puppy named Bella
  • We gained a niece - Carly Faye Bradshaw
  • I left my job at Military Newspapers of Virginia as a graphic designer
  • But I finished my last semester of school (again) and got my teaching license for K-12 Art
  • Oh and we got pregnant with baby boy Bradshaw who is due very soon!