Some house-ly additions

Well now that we live in a fairly large house and not a small apartment we decided we needed a large vacuum. So good bye mini vac (who does well on small jobs) and hello Bissel! Kiss the cat hair good bye!

The next item is our new king size mattress! It isn't a hammock like our old queen mattress we dumped as soon as we could get it out of the apartment and it is much larger and nicer than my old full bed (now in the guest room). We also love our new bed ensemble...Bran actually picked it out! He has nice taste. Very comfy and my new favorite place in the house.
Then there is George. A smaller addition but just as classy. Got him for $2 from a thrift store and spray painted him white (he looked like a clown before). He is quite dashing.

We also finally picked up Great Aunt Mary Jane's dining room table from Aunt Rita and Uncle Dick who were nice enough to store it and some chairs for us. It definitely makes a difference to have furniture in a room. Next we need the china hutch!

Lastly, my pride and joy. This dresser I found and bought from a thrift store. After being talked to by a furniture enthusiast for a good half an hour about what a solid piece this is....I left....and then went back the next morning and bought it. I love it. Solid wood (cherry?), dove tailed or whatever, and pretty large. $75. A pretty good deal I think. So proud of my dresser. I get giddy when I see it. Please ignore the radio and picture on top of it though.