The Fur Babies

We have 3 fur covered kiddos. Two kitties named Frizbie and Lily and a crazy puppy named Bella.


Frizbie is our oldest and chunkiest fur baby. We adopted her in 2008 from a lady who found a bunch of kittens in her carport. She is a little skittish when other people are around but that is probably because we taught her to run and hide when we lived in the apartment (where we did not have permission to have a pet - we're rebels). If she is comfortable with who is in the house she can usually be found lounging on a chair or couch. Her favorite relaxing position is on her back though...we think it might have something to do with giving her utter some air.


Lily is our 2nd kitty and quite the personality. We adopted her in 2010 from a couple on Craigslist that got her as a kitten at the SPCA and then decided after 10 days they didn't want her. She is less of a scaredy cat than Friz but she only likes attention on her terms...usually from Brandol or when you are wearing dark clothing.  She can usually be found running to the bathroom sink begging for you to turn the water on or just perched by a window looking out for birds and bugs.


Bella is our last fur baby and the only canine. She is still very much a puppy and a wild child. We adopted her in 2011 (again off of Criagslist) from a couple who bought her from a closing puppy mill (I was shocked they admitted to it) and then needed to give her up a month later since they already had 3 pets and they couldn't afford her. She is very sweet and has taken to Brandol as her alpha since day 1....I'm still working on being #2 in command. She knows how to sit, lay down, shake, and play fetch. She LOVES fetch....a little too much. She is happiest with a ball (of any kind) and water. She dunks her head in her water bowl (she doesn't know how to drink like a normal dog), plays in the pond or in the water at the lake, and adores playing with the hose. She is currently obsessed with chasing squirrels (or really anything that tries to get away from cars, dirt bikes, turtles...) and we are working on getting her to stop jumping on people when she gets excited.

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